FoW v4 playtest at D6 Games in Rochester

Bill, Matt and Chuck drove over from LaCrosse and we all met at the new D6 Games in Rochester for some Flames of War. Besides a new store we decided to use the new v4 of the Flames of Rules and give it a good play test.

Chuck and I decided to do an EW Brits vs Italians in the desert of North Africa. We both put together our 1300 point forces with forces of war which given it now has the v4 stats as an option makes playing a EW/LW game really easy.

Setting up a table and away we go! At D6 they’re pretty new to the Rochester area, only open ~ 2 weeks now. They’re a really good crew and the store has lots of space for players which is something we’ve really needed for a long time in the Roch area.  We’re looking forward to more gaming there since Rochester is basically midway between Mankato, LaCrosse and the Twin Cities. We’re going to setup a monthly Flames of War game day at D6 so stay tuned! Now if they’ll just start to carry Battlefront stuff….

For my Italian force, I took a light infantry Bersaglieri formation with 5 M13/40s and M11/39s as well as 3 L3 along with an HMG platoon, a mortar platoon, an anti-tank platoon and last a 4 gun 100/17 battery.

Chuck had a formation of 3 British Indian infantry platoons with a 4 gun 25lbers battery, Vickers HMG platoon and a scout platoon.

We played a simple Free for all mission just to keep things simple as we came to grips with the rule changes.

On Turn 1, on my right flank I sent my M11/39s down the road and tanked with Chucks scout platoon. As there isn’t a recce disengage rule anymore (we think) needing 5s to hit I lucked out and blew one up and bailed another.

On the opposite flank, I swung the M13/40s wide left and started to push my infantry through the town going building to building with the L-3s in support. With all the machine-gun fire and some targets out in the open I was able to rack up a little damage and more importantly start to pin units. Unfortunately on the following bottom of turn 1, Chuck was able to get unpinned and get his Vickers MGs into the builds to cover the street.

Next turn I kept rolling my tanks forward followed by my infantry. I figured at this point the major thrust was here to sweep across the road and do as much damage so Chucks infantry wouldn’t cross the road and go for the objective. Meanwhile I move my tanks towards the middle of the table where I’d placed one of the objectives.

Another turn, (3 I think), both my platoons of infantry are in the buildings, the HMG platoon is in the far right building in the picture and the tanks are inching their way towards the middle, showing destruction as they go. The Vickers platoon is down to 2 stands and the infantry platoon is chewed up enough that it won’t be on the offensive. Unfortunately across from it is my platoon of reluctant trained and fearless trained infantry. Not quite good offensive material thus it was pretty much up to the thanks to drive for that objective over on the hill. Just some infantry and those 25lbers to brush out of the way.

From my right flank I brought in my M11/39s when then caused Chuck to pull his infantry covering the far corner. With my slow tanks they weren’t going to be able to counter back. 8″ tactical isn’t that fast!

But at this point, between the 3 platoons of AFVs I figured I had a pretty good chance. L-3s would be first!

Burn crackle crackle.  Ok, M11/39s, how about you? But they started taking hits so instead I went in with the M13/40s next.

So after two assaults, quite a lot of artillery pounding the hill and direct fire at the 25lbers I just couldn’t shake them off the objective and at quite a cost. The M11/39s ran. The L3s were down to 1 and the M13/40s lost their assault.

That was pretty much game at that point. We played fairly slow, about 7 turns over the course of 4 hours with a number of rules look ups and clarifications.

v4 Thoughts

The rules are definitely cleaned up. With the new rule books the EW/LW and then MW book it can look like a bit of a confusing mass but it’s not really that bad. The EW/LW side of things really works if you make use of to make lists since it’ll pop out v4 stats or v3 stats depending on what you want. THIS HELPS A LOT. The only thing I wished it did was allow for printing of unit cards.

Movement took almost no time to adjust at all. The differences are distances (8″ for infantry), the cross checks for vehicles and such and then the special tactical orders. Those especially give some much needed flavor to the game. Follow me, blitz move, shoot and scoot, etc all add that extra where presuming you can pass your skill roll, you’ll get a little extra out of your force towards what you want to do.

For shooting, the big change process wise is artillery. Between observers and the stats changes, while both subtle added together I think move the game in the right direction. Being allowed a pre-plot prior to the game also gives a nod to the historical artillery pre-planning that most forces used. The change to have infantry / hw / gun teams generally save on a 3+ is likewise also a good move. Score one for consistency tho it makes taking out Gun teams a little harder. This makes anti-tank guns too also more viable which was something I think that v3 and before suffered from. I just never wanted stand alone anti-tank guns because they were just too easy to take out with that 5+ save if they were blazing away. Likewise the stat changes to make AT lower for artillery on tanks was very much welcome. Artillery just wasn’t much of a tank killing tool.

Assaults likewise flowed fine. Given Chuck had his Indian troops armed with sticky bombs and his 25lbers within 8″ with a line of fire for the assault, the results entirely make sense he was chewing through my tanks.

At this point, I’m actually glad I invested time and effort into Team Yankee. There are differences but close parallels. I feel pretty at ease with the rules and frankly if it wasn’t for the limitation in Mid-war lists I’d want to leave v3 entirely behind. I think that’s the major challenge here. We just don’t have replacement stats for all the mid-war theaters. It’s totally fine for those new to the game, the El Alamein starter box is well worth it for a new player, it’s the established players that effectively either have to go EW or LW until more things are released.

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TY : Tip of the Spear Campaign (Game 1 AAR)

Locally the Twin Cities Flames of War Group through the leadership of James White started a Team Yankee campaign. Quickly the ranks of Nato and Warsaw powers grew and here we are at the end of the first round of action for Tip of the Spear.

The first game was taken from the Leopard book. As Soviet I had 80 pts to spend vs 62 pts for the Nato powers.

For me, I decided to go with an Afghanistan based force. 8 Hinds, 2 small infantry companies each with all the extras, 3 Carnations, a BMP op, 2 BMP-1 scouts, 6 T72s and 4 Shilkas.

For the table, there were 2 objectives midway that if taken and held by turn 2-3 then game over, victory for the Warsaw powers. The back 2 objective if taken and held after turn 4, again, Warsaw victory.

Jason, playing West German, started with his setup in the 1 foot area towards the back of the table and I would start on the right, at most 6″ in.

Jason was sporting, 2 Gepards, 2 Leopard 2s, 3 Leopard Is (in ambush), 2 platoons of M113 infantry, a platoon of mortars and Rocket artillery.

Jason deployed his Leopards 2s off to the left flank, he used the spearhead deployment on his Luchs to then put his Gepards in the back forward as well as put his artillery back behind the town.  Then on his right flank he put a platoon of infantry with it’s 3 Milans.

I really didn’t expect to be dealing with the Spearhead deployment for Jason to drop stuff to his rear. That really threw my plan and I had to adjust.

I decided I’d deploy hard right, engaging the Leopard 2s right away and then use the Hinds to pepper the infantry on my left flank as well as do my first landing with the other company of Hinds, going for the close objective on my right flank.

If that failed, then one of the back objectives would have to be my focus and I couldn’t make any decisions there, until the Gepards were dealt with.

First turn I press hard. Hinds land, disgorge, and we’re on the objective. At this point I remember that o yeah, my infantry can’t really do much against Leopard 2s save to bail them out. But the T72s are in position and my Hinds on my left flank where just out of Gepard range. I had a choice of either smoking out of the milans or dropping artillery rounds and Hinds round to hopefully eliminate a stand or two.

So while I was able to call in artillery, and eliminate a standing pinning them, The Hinds just were not able to kill a stand. Blah.

For the bottom of turn 1, Jason brings his Leopards in, with the really good plan, close assault the infantry, and if victorious, take out the Hinds at the same time.

Ummm … I got lucky. Very lucky. My RPG stands, the ONLY thing that could take out the Leopards did exactly that.

Jason moved up his M113 tho preventing the victory on my part. He also blitz moved up his Gepards and the shot down one of my Hinds.

Next his rained down mines onto my T72s, ensnaring all but one. Now in a prior game Jason did this to me during the last Team Yankee tournament and I ended up losing almost all of my T72s so that at that point I figured things were looking really grim.

Next turn I decide to go hard. I managed to get most of my tanks out of the mine field and across the woods line to be able to shoot at and take out the Gepards. On the opposite flank I land the Hinds outside the town and go after the Rocket artillery. Boom boom and boom. Afghanistan heavy weapons are just awesome sauce. The town was mine at that point.

Next Jason brings in his M113s from the unit on my left flank and assaults the Hinds. Dead Hinds.

I figured at this point the chances of a victory on this side of the table was pretty remote. I needed to press hard on the opposite flank and you can see my other group of Hinds in the forest above the far objective starting to fire at targets.

Milan teams were my highest priority tho really I should have gone after vehicles.

I had started to bring up my Carnations and Shilkas and Jason springs his ambush of Leopard Is. Between the Carnations, the 2 BMP scouts and my Shilkas I managed to bail one, kill one and Jason fails the morale roll so they head out for a trade of 2 Shilkas.

Meanwhile on the opposite flank I’m able to get 3 T72s back towards the objective, and between Milans and infantry I end up losing 3, and I’m down to 1 T72 at this point but he makes his morale roll. I hadn’t brought up my infantry yet but I should have….

Fast forward, I’m down to 1 Hind, my infantry makes a dash for the woods where Jason had one stand on the defense. I manage to kill him but due to where I was, I couldn’t assault empty fox holes since I was more than 4″ out. Top of turn 8 we stroll onto the objective unopposed, but basically too late.

Victory for Jason 4-3.

Pivotal moments in the game.

Jason failed 3 different morale checks. That cost him his Leopard Is, one Luchs, and one other unit I’m forgetting.

His plunky M113s on the move against infantry sure did well. Likewise Hinds on the ground when they get assaulted are dog meat.

Given the points, and only two Gepards that helped the Hinds be effective. Target priority for them is very very critical. They won’t last the game so you’ve got to hit things hard. That’s vehicles. Sure going after milan teams sounds like a good idea. Don’t. Position yourself so they can’t shoot at your or have concealed shots.

Focus on that objective.

Last smoke. Keeping units alive to deny shots, especially expensive units is more important than trying to take a low odds chance of killing stuff.

Till next time!


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FFGC 2017 Armada Regionals

The tournament has long past so catching up a bit here, but back in January Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville had their regional. I took my somewhat worn dual VSD list with Motti has my Admiral. One of the VSDs is built to be a gunboat and the other a carrier to push squadrons. Mix in 2 Gozanties to get to 4 activations and then 134 points of wave 5 squadron goodness.

Between adding in a shuttle to my normal build, Mereek and a couple of TIE defenders were a great Wave 5 add. So much, I took out Major Rhymer entirely.

Round 1

Here’s the setup against Dong Lee, I think we were playing targeting beacons on this one as I recall.  I decided early on to go right towards his Demolisher and then use the shuttle to pull the beacons along. I figured given that his Interdictor was slower, it’d be easier to keep it at range.

Demo had swung around the I’d landed a few hits on him so between my squadrons and my Gozantees I was able to take care of him and eek out the victory. (7-4


Round 2

For the second round I was paired up against Brent who was my partner for the Armada team tournament at Worlds earlier this year. Again, just like round 1, another Imperial player, tho in our cases, we were pretty much playing almost the exact fleets against each other. In all my years of playing Armada my very first mirror match.

We setup pretty much opposite so nothing like keeping the battle inside that 3×3 area. The differences in our fleet tho was instead of building up his VSDs Brent had keep his pretty clean and then added an Arq instead of a Gozanti.

We play Solar Corona which even across from each other like this was a pain because of the wide firing arcs. It wasn’t until later in the game where he was pointed into the sun and I was out.

His Arq started to race across and I was hoping I’d be able to focus fire it down quickly. That lack of a brace after all!

My die early on were kind of poor so his Arq lasted longer than it should have, meanwhile our squadron fight pretty much erupted in the middle of our two respective lines. It was mega bloody. Both of us have pretty good squadron games so it was really coming down to die rolls.

By turn 3 the Arq now gone, things started to go my way. While our hulls were 10s for all our VSDs, my VSDs had more features on them and that was starting to help matters as it was resulting in higher damage.

As the pivotal round. Time ended up getting called before we got to turn 6 and it’s very likely that Brent was have bagged one of my VSDs given when there damage counts where. So calling it there, I ended up winning with a 7-4 result.

At the end of 2 rounds, sitting with 14 points and 7th over all. oooooooo those special magic dice (that I wanted to win) where calling. I just needed to stay within the top 8.

Round 3

Last round of the day, I ended up playing against yet another Imperial player. In this case, he’s rocking few squadrons, a sort of anti squadron Gladiator with Ruthless Strategists, Demo on the other Glad and then a nicely built ISD.

I was player one and choose his Dangerous Territory. That lead to a pretty boring but somewhat predictable setup for the obstacles. I set my Gozantis so they could get 2 of the 3  since I didn’t anticipate they would be in the core of the action.

His Demo was on his ISD’s right flank. It was an interesting placement as that allowed me to keep it mostly out of the game and focus on the closer Gladiator and his squadrons first.

I worked the circle setting up my squadrons to do an alpha strike on his anti squadron Gladiator. In theory if that went well I could then push into his ISD. Tho going against a 14 Hull Motti I didn’t expect I’d get much accomplished.

I figured it’d be a close game, presuming I could keep both of my VSDs alive.

So the squadron battle was a little more brutal than I expected but I put quite a bit of damage into the anti squadron Gladiator and ended up blowing it up. Both of my Gozantis would be able to keep to the far edge and stay out of trouble while his Demolisher was largely out of the fight until about turn 4/5. I was able to move my squadrons from being in the squadron/squadron battle since I’d won that to now get them into position to protect my flank and most importantly put a hit or two into Demolisher.

As fate would have it, time would be called at turn 5. Both of us salivating at what would come in turn 6. I’d easily bag his Demolisher for another 100 points and he’d quite likely destroy one of my VSDs for about the same.

It ended up being a 6-5 victory for me, so all in all a very close highly dramatic game.

Ending up 8th over all, keep me right on my goal of being in the top 8 and picking up the sparkly dice!


Meta-wise I was a little surprised at what all I didn’t see. I was really expecting to see more Peltas and uses of Sato. In addition the new rebel squadrons I was also thinking they would be all over and thick as flies. That just wasn’t the case. There was a lot of tried and true running out on the table. The Imperial/Rebel split was a nearly perfect 50/50.

In my case running a dual VSD list here in Wave 5?!!? How the heck are those things still viable? Well they are and I think that speaks volumes to the game design and the continued attention to detail with the various add ons and new admirals.

I very nearly picked up JJ as my Admiral with the theory of being able to maneuver better, it just never was that bad, cause I also very oddly never faced a single rebel player all day. Just a few MC30s on my flank and I’d probably have changed my mind!



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AAR: Battle on the Mississippi 2017.1

We held our first Battle on the Mississippi for 2017 on Feb 18th with a very special Battle of the Bulge Edition. We kept it to just those two books and went with 1700 points. Originally we had looked at 1515, but upped it thinking for late war and the likelihood people would want to get out some of the fun heavier armor, but still not go overboard on points.

Once again, it was at Deaf Ear Records in LaCrosse. Unlike all the times before the person that was supposed to open things up at 9am didn’t show so we ended up waiting around for a good 30 minutes or so before the door opened and thus that pushed back our schedule for the day.

Thanks to Chuck Hiner and Bill Wojahn for all their hard work. They put almost all of the winter tables, trees and all, it was a huge effort.

A huge thanks to Chloe for minding the TO table, tallying the scores from the rounds to the best Sportsman scores. While we started late, it was Chloe’s efforts that allowed us to make up time and get to the next rounds without delay.

For the prize table, once again, a huge thank you to BattleFront for kicking in some prizes as well as to a number of attendees for throwing in some prizes too.

I’d neglected to get a picture earlier on, so alas here’s Jim having a his choice of what to take home, which was after the major trophies and the big prizes had gone. There was lots of good stuff tho!

Here’s what was the Best Commander trophies looked like! Once again Chuck went all out and got some really nice ones.


As always we tried our best to have themed terrain that goes with the tournament. Snow, snow and more snow on every table, which was quite a challenge.

This was meant to be Trois Pionts where Peiper took on some Engineers ….

This was Malmedy

This was Mairy-Mainville where the 90th Inf Div faced the 106th Pzr FHH.

This was Le Roche where again Peiper faced the 82nd Airborne.

This was St Vith, where the 12th Volksgrenadiers faced the 99th Inf Div.

This was Stoumont.

This was Bure Belgium

Last, Bastogne.


We played 3 rounds. Swiss of course for the first matching Germans vs Allied as best can, and the next two determined by points. There were only 5 German players vs the 9 Allied so it was really hard not to pit Allied on Allied.

We played Free-for-all,  No Retreat and Breakthrough. The first round also was under the effects of a Snowstorm and Blizzard (if rolled by the players). Lots of fun if you’re counting on your tires to get around. (Not!)

Germans on average had a pretty hard day. Not a single Axis victory the first round and at the end of the day, 17 points to the highest Allied Commander while just 10 for the best Axis commander!

Brian during the second round, looks like he was defending on this one.

Rick’s airborne on the defense ….

Jim vs Chuck under way…

Keith vs Lee, from the second round of action.

Chris vs Nicholas


Congrats to all those that made it out for the tournament. Always great to get an afternoon of gaming in with great people. Special thanks to the Novaks, the Battle Badgers and all the folks that drove down from the Twin Cities.

Over winner, Chris Novak

  • Chris Novak (17) Allied – Overall Champion
  • Rick Gearhart (15) Allied – Best Allied
  • Keith Gilmour (14) Allied
  • Patrick Barkuloo (13) Allied
  • Tom Gall (10) Axis – Best Axis
  • Richard Novak (10) Axis / Nicholas Angelici (10) Allied
  • Jim Bodine (10) Allied
  • John Dudkiewicz (8) Allied / Brian McLaughlin (8) Axis – Best Painted Army
  • Lee Shaver (8) Allied
  • Chuck Hiner (6) Axis
  • Dave Ekstam (5) Axis
  • Bill Wojahn (4) Allied – Best Sportsman

We haven’t planned out our next Battle on the Mississippi, either period or v3/v4. We will however be at AdeptiCon, so if you haven’t already please join us for the Team Yankee on Friday or the Nationals Team Tournament on Saturday. Tanks on Sunday.

Till next time, may your forces find the way to the objective!


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Bane of War 2017

Chuck Hiner and I travelled all the way down to Austin Texas for Bane of War, our second time attending. It’s a pretty huge commitment in that for both of us, it’s ~1000 miles and to attend pretty much requires a flight, hotel and all travel expenses.

OTOH, it’s a 2 days, Flames of War filled event with some of the best players in the country if not the world. This year it was a late war, no special rules wrt to heros, but everyone received sporadic air support and you couldn’t upgrade it or replace. At 1615 points, Lots of choices to be made.

Located at the Texas Military History Museum on Camp Mabery , the place is just an awesome place to locate an event. Thankfully this time, all the tables for the 50 some participants were all on one side of the museum. Last year we were split on opposite ends so depending on how things were going you might find yourself floating back and forth. No so this year, which was a welcome change.


With 50 some people, you needs lots and lots of tables and Mark supplied plenty as well as many volunteered and brought their own terrain to contribute.

This table was the winner of ‘best table’…. lot and lots of buildings to content with!


This time around I took a Hero Tank formation out of Desperate Measures. I thought about dropping down and fielding a hen and chicks mass of Soviet armor but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Much less wanting to transport that much stuff!  I thought about fielding something German but Germans in late war especially with unconstrained books can be a real mixed bag I’ve found.

So a formation of T-34/85s with Riders, T-34/76s with Riders, SU-100s, AA with their trucks, pioneers with a supply wagon (that I barely got to use) and 120mm mortars.

Swag / Prizes

Lots of attendees, so lots and lots of goodies. Besides since this year it was a national event, (Thanks Dave for attending!!) so that amped things up just a bit more.

Day 1

For the first game of the day, played Pincer against a German Panzerspah company. Lots and lots of Pumas with their 9AT gun, you had to respect if it could get on your flank.

I decided the main part of my assault would be on the left flank and in reality with my tanks I could pretty much ignore the wire, it wouldn’t be too bad. I also needed to get my pioneers into the fray so they would hope through the houses on the left, into the woods and then would support the final attack to take the left objective. Or so was the plan.

My SU-100s just needed to hold my right flank for a little while and keep things somewhat interesting over there. They started the game off well and immediately took out a Puma platoon.

Meanwhile on the left flank things were going quasi ok, save that the German Nebs were able to rain down and pin my pioneers … fearless … come on fearless, repeat after me … fearless, hello you realize there on the sheet it says fearless, needless to say for a good portion of the game they weren’t moving due to being pinned and that kept me from advancing as aggressively as I should and could have.

The ME-262s .. well “generic air” was pretty kind on the German side of the lines, coming down often which for sporadic is the nature of the beast I guess.

So a last view before my 3-4 loss. With the trickle of reinforcements I wasn’t just finally able to get my pioneers up but enough armor had been whittled away that I just couldn’t kill enough pumas to dislodge and take the objective out right. Worse my SU-100s weren’t able to hold the line any longer, some Pumas got into the backfield as it were and that was nearly the end of my mortars and my AA.

Not a great start to the tournament but least some points on the board and a reinforced feeling I should have put more time into trying to get some games in prior to hone the force.

Game 2

I didn’t take any pictures of game 2 which is a really really sad statement since I won that one, 8-0. I faced a German force with Wittman in it, I managed to kill him with my air on turn 2, (thus the point gain and loss). I was able to move around and really play to the strengths of my force and ended up just doing about as well as you can ever ask for in a game.

Soon here’s a picture of Chuck playing his second game, his artillery park in action.

Game 3

For game 3 on day 1, I faced Hal whom I hadn’t played yet tho I’d seen him around from last year. He was playing a Peiper list and immediately based on the mission I was really really screwed. It was breakthrough, and given the mobile reserves rules I wasn’t going to get much and worse of course was the problem of just getting my reinforcements on table in time to make any sort of difference. On top of that add in the spearhead rules for a Peiper list and it’s just a complete world of hurt.

If I had been the attacker, Hal would have been under similar circumstances so really the game was pretty much decided right then and there. But we played through and I held on for a very long time.   

Hal’s spearhead was immediately breathing down my neck. I made an error figuring my T34 out in field would be reasonably safe but also serve as a good way to string my ambush.

When I sprung my T-34/85s in ambush, thinking I could roast up and then swing around to take out tanks. The dice just weren’t there. While i took out a tank or two it just wasn’t enough to break the German platoon of Pz IVJs.

Then … after taking a few hits, my T-34s decided they had had enough and I lost my fearless morale roll…. fearless .. yeah, sure. My SU-100s and my other T-34s came on as reinforcements, but only SU-100s made their presence felt, plinking off some tanks at just under 40″. Still being slow, they just couldn’t get into the action get more of the German line.

So in the desperate fight for the objective, my pioneers held out as long as they could. Even assaulted and killed a German tank being able to sneak up on it, but it was no where near enough.

In the end, a 2-5 loss.

Day 2

I started out the day approx middle of the pack, which was about where I was hoping to be. I hadn’t had a lot of practice games with my list and frankly I was rusty going into Bane, a little too much Team Yankee I guess. 🙂

My first game of the day was against Andrew Hopson whom I had faced last year. We had play a Cauldron game, I was the defender and he tabled me bad, really bad, in like 2 turns. Granted Andrew is a crazy good and very well experienced player so no surprise. This year, I just hoped to make it to turn 3.

Alas I didn’t take any pictures, the game was a fairly decent one with lots of back and forth in the beginning. My air came down early (and then didn’t show up for the rest of the game), and knocked out a platoon of tanks. That kept things interesting.  We went nearly to time, with a 3-4 loss on my part.

Last Game

Going into the last game I faced an American nearly all armor list with Patton. We played Counterattack. In the roll offer for attacker I won, and given the terrain, I was immediately hopeful that I could plink away and get up on the objective quickly.

I needed to do so before his reinforcements arrived because once that happened he’d have even more armor to press his attack.

This forced me into an aggressive situation but go big or go home, and let the dice decide. I figured with the fire lanes there and the ability to move in, I should have decent chances to take the closer objective.

My plan was to swing my T-34/85s around my right flank and concentrate fire and then use my SU-100s in their initial position to work on the same platoon if possible. Given the initial angle of the dangle, I had a shot with at least one of the SUs from the get go.

With the die roll, I ended getting to go second for the game.

This lead to some interesting maneuvering and with the two tank platoons were more or less there to be shot at. It’d be a straight up roll dice kinda fest and to the better rolling player, the victor gets the spoils.

My T-34/85s did their best and with a little supporting fire from the SUs I was able to bail to a morale check but I just couldn’t push through the kills as much as I needed. Same effects to the tank force in the town, bails a-plenty just no kills.

He was able to get back into his tanks and start brewing me up, quickly my T-76s and T-85s started to fall and given reinforcements by the time we were at turn 3, I’m rolling for company morale and well … remember those FEARLESS Soviets? Yeah, not so much, fail and that was the game. A very depressing 1-6 loss to round out the weekend.

Still, a trip to Austin is always a good trip to Austin. Between the Salt Lick and other great places to eat, can’t complain a bit. Till next year!

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