Runewars: Fantasy Flight Game Center Store Championship 2018

Store Championship season for Runewars. Up here in da far nord ya know, ve got’cha covered for the AAR from Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnie-soda.

Alas for the turnout it was not what I would say as ‘good’ given it was 6 players. Knowing the crew, several were out that I was fully expecting to be there and a few out due to life so that’s the way it goes sometimes. With a building community forces like the flu and take their toll all the more harder.

Regardless we had fun!

So prize wise the store threw in a number of extras which was awesome on top of the already great kit. An essentials pack to pass on to a new player, and a tournament kit too.

With 6 players technically we just needed to play 2 rounds but hey, given we all wanted to get in games we all agreed ahead of time, it was going to be 3 rounds. Three being the number, the number being three. That shalt not stop at 2, and just 1 round was right out.

We had 3 Daqan, 2 Waiqar and 1 Uthuk army represented. No Latari was a major surprise and was, least for me, the army I was most worried about given my performance against Latari at worlds.

Good mix-mash of painted or nearly fully painted armies.

Working from left to right in the picture, these are the 3 rounds of deployment and missions that we used. The careful approach, demoralize their forces combo was pretty nasty, more on that in a bit.

I’ll skip to the results first, army lists and then the tale of my day.

So yes, I ended up winning. It was really weird/interesting how the Daqan and Waiqar separated out like that. I’ve zero theories to offer up why that was. Worlds was kinda the same way too. From my point of view everyone on the list could have taken it.


Brooks – Daqan – 200 pts

  • Heavy Crossbowmen 3×1 : Piercing Strike
  • Heavy Crossbowmen 3×1 : Piercing Strike
  • Rune Golems 2×1 : Visored Helms
  • Rune Golems 2×1 : Visored Helms
  • Spearmen 2×2 : Rallying Corn
  • Oathsworn Cav 2×2 : Raven Tabards

Joshua – Daqan – 199

  • Lord Hawthorne : Shield of Margoth, Sweeping Strikes
  • Heavy Crossbowmen 3×2 : Fire rune, Dispatch Runner, Simultaneous Orders
  • Oathsworn Cav 2×2 : Raven Tabards, Rank Discipline, Wind Rune
  • Spearmen 2×2 : Triumpant Cry, Shield Wall, File Leader

Tom – Uthuk – 200

  • Berserkers 3×2 : Bannerscamp, Dispatch Runner, Master Crafted Weapons
  • Spinned Threshers 2×1
  • Spinned Threshers 2×1
  • Flesh Rippers 2×2 : Rank Discipline
  • Ravos : Insatiable Hunger, Viscera’s Goblet

Dion – Waiqar – 198

  • Ankaur Maro : Heartseeker, violent forces
  • Death Knights 2×2 : Rank Discipline
  • Flesh Rippers 2×2 : Rank Discipline
  • Reanimate Archers 2×1 : Combat Ingenuity
  • Carrion Lancer 1×1
  • Carrion Lancer 1×1

Curt – Waiqar – 200

  • Ankaur Maro : Heartseeker, Regenitive Magic
  • Carrion Lancer 1×1
  • Reanimate Archers 2×1 : Combat Ingenuity
  • Carrion Lancer 1×1
  • Reanimate Archers 2×1 : Combat Ingenuity
  • Carrion Lancer 1×1
  • Death Knights 2×2 : Shield of Margoth, Rank Discipline

Tony – Daqan – 199

  • Kari : Heartseeker, Latari training
  • Oathsworn Cav 3×2: Hawthorne, Shield Wall, Raven Tabards, Column Tactics
  • Heavy Crossbowmen 3×1 : Rank Discipline, Marching Corn, Tempered Steel
  •  Heavy Crossbowmen 3×1 : Rank Discipline, Marching Corn, Tempered Steel

How did the day go?

Curt and I were paired off in Round 1. With Supply Raid we had a lot in the middle of the field and it was obvious from the get go we were going to go hard at it. I deployed my Spine Threshers first thinking the Carrion might have ended up on the side to go for my flank but just didn’t happen. I dropped Ravos down last with the idea that I’d attack hard from my left flank and then push left to right.

Now there is that thing where plans don’t survive .. what was that .. hmmm o the Carrion Lancer on the left in the picture and Ravos completely miss each other in turn one.  This resulted in my Flesh Rippers having to take on two Carrion Lancers and Ravos went for the Reanimate Archers. They go well with BBQ sauce, a little dry tho.

Ravos finished off the Reanimate Archers and makes for Maro. The Berserkers and Spine Threashers finish off the Death Knights. Ravos gets Maro, the other Spine Threashers get the other Reanimate Archers. The Flesh Rippers also oddly finish off both Carrion lancers.   I end up with lots of tokens and it ends up being a 10-1 win. The dice were not kind to Curt.

For Round 2, I played Tony.

Here we are at the initial setup. Terrain was huge in this game as was morale. Ravos bolted forward, took the blight token and then at the end phase walked out of the terrain to a very surprised Kari.

Turn 2, I completely missed it that the Oathsworn had Raven Tabards thinking I’d activate before them … so Tony nearly destroys one of my Spine Threshers. While my charge was cancelled with dispatch runner from the berserkers behind I get the dreaded morale result to turn the cav around. Kari goes down who was the Bounty and then Ravos ends up behind the Cav to keep them from being able to adjust.

Meanwhile on my right flank the Crossbowman finish off my other group of Theshers but the Flesh Rippers take out one of them before getting the drop on the others finishing them off. Tony does eliminate my remaining Thresher against his Cav but the Berserkers charge in and that’s about it.

If the morale card hadn’t come up it would have been a very different game. While Ravos might have gotten in behind the Cav, they would have taken out way way more of my stuff. Berserkers just can’t stand against Cav head on.

Round 3

I played Brooks, more shooty-shooty Crossbowmen, with Uthuk not having something to counter ranged units all I can do is run up and try to take them out ASAP, tho the meta sure follows the worlds model of kicking skirmishers out to slow you down and make you take more damage as you come in.

It’s a good strategy!

This is about turn 3 of our game. Ravos and the Cav unexpectedly meet in the middle which thankfully prevents a bit of a disaster with my threshers holding my right flank. On the left flank it’s a good question how that’ll play out. That terrain keeping the charge angle for the flesh rippers more than complicated. Do those Golems plug the hole or do they dance and face my other group of Threshers?

In a ‘great’ bit of driving I misjudged and hit the rock with the flesh rippers. This gave Brooks both time and options for his Golems. Ravos finished off the Cav with lots of chaos and unclear choices on my right flank.

Last picture. Ravos about to take an arrow in the back and die. My flesh rippers finish off the Crossbowmen on my left but they get finished off by the Golems attacking them in the flank. Brooks takes the one and only victory token from the game. A 3-8 loss for me, but not quite big enough win for Brooks to knock me out of first.

A hugely dramatic game with lots of interesting maneuvering on the table and quite quite fun.

Across the other tables, the results were fairly similar in that very few victory tokens were scored.

All around a good day. We capped off the adventure with discussion about doing a large out of control multi-army game at some point late spring. Three of us had played in the worlds multiplayer match (3v3). It was a lot of fun, so stay tuned for something special coming up for that!





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Battlegroup : Russian Barbarossa Campaign #1

I’m so far behind on blogging into the new year just time to start churning it all out!

This weekend the local historical types got together to start a campaign using the Battlegroup rules. While the Barbarossa source book has a campaign I decided to adapt from one of the several Skirmish Campaign books and the modify the lists yet still keep the feel of the historical action.

The campaign starts off on June 22nd at noon, approx 10 km SW of Kobrin near the village of Straroje. The terrain was rolling hills and in this case the entire battle is no where near a road. The fresh 3rd Panzer Division rolling forward suddenly running into the 22nd Soviet Tank division.

The Germans were instructed they needed to get as much off their eastern edge of the board. The Soviets were told they needed to get some of their armor elements off the western edge of the board. They both had a secondary victory condition but I didn’t inform either side. It was how many infantry were killed. Turns 10s, and here we go!

The Russians setup, with 6 T26s the majority of their force on the ridge. Note the gullies down the in valleys. The hills also as high as the ridges. The Soviets kicked out a squad of infantry on their right flank along with an ATR team. Up on the hill was their HQ element and only spotter who could call in two 81mm mortars which were off board. A second squad was deployed on the Soviet left flank. Two further squads were off table and 2 BA-10s, all arriving on variable turns.

The Germans started with 3 PzIIIGs, 4 PzIICs, and then a squad of infantry in motorcycles who were scouts, deploy on their left flank.  They had 2 further squads in trucks that likewise were a variable and they ended up on turn 1 along with a medic. Their plan seemed to be follow the woods line, past the gully then into the next set of woods up the German right flank.

In what seemed to be very fitting example, both sides being sort of new to Battlegroup and never having played with Barbarossa era forces didn’t have a great feel for what the guns can do. About turn 1 of the Soviet turn, one of the T26s with it’s 45 gun hit and brewed a Pz IIIG at range. Rolling a 6 to hit helped and then an 11 on the penetration roll.

I think the German players expected that bottom of the barrel green Russian troops would be present. Instead inexperienced Russian rabble with decent guns and hot dice were there.

It was pretty evident early on that the PzIICs with their 20″ of movement when using both actions for moving where going to be able to react and move about the battlefield as their liked, while the T26s could only move 10″ when using both their actions.

The Russians decided after popping off their rounds to take the T26s off the ridge and save their tanks waiting to see how the Germans would flow forward.

About turn 2-3 the Russian right flank, a squad, medic and ATR team waiting in ambush. The German Kradschutzens deployed and fired, then the MG34 team did the same. While the Russians tried to ambush not much happened. German recon, definitely great troops.

Unfortunately with so many losses this Russian squad very quickly became combat ineffective, failed their moral and then routed, leaving the medic and ATR team to run like heck the next turn to a deeper defense line.

The Soviet reinforcements showed up and took position behind hill in the gully. Three of the T26s went on movement reaction orders (basically ambush like but you only get to move during the other players turn. Very handy to move during the other player turn and then activate during your turn to quickly react or in the case of the T26s … slowly react) We did start to flow 3 of the T26s over to the right flank as the PzIICs started to flow in that direction. With the loss of the Soviet squad on that side so quickly seemed the Germans sensing an advantage to exploit.

Meanwhile on the German right flank the PzIIIGs learning the Russian T26s were actually dangerous came up a woods line with two squads of infantry. The PzIII brewed up a T26. Then later it would suppress the Russian infantry on ambush.

This caused some post game kibitzing. The Russian player thinking that ‘unspotted’ Russian infantry could be anywhere and therefore shouldn’t the Germans have to be spraying down everywhere as they advance? They advocated for counters or minis not being even out on the table until ‘spotted’. Alas not a battlegroup mechanic nor for the purposes of this action one that I personally think fits. Opening day of Barbarossa, and these are lead German elements with a number of scouts on their side.

Given the pinned down status, the Russians would rally the infantry at the bottom of their turn and then retire the infantry deeper into the woods sensing a German wave coming. Besides with no NKVD around … who’s to know?

Back up on the hill, the Russians with a Maxim on op and the infantry next to their HQ element. The Germans streamed forward into the open. Just behind the hill on the left side and out of frame were the two BA-10s on opportunity move.

At the end of the German turn, sensing an opportunity they would move forward over the hill, taking up position and then activate during the Russian turn. With the 45 gun they’d take out of the PzIIIg with the flank shot and between the two of them machine-gun the German infantry causing one of the squads to retreat back.

When the PzIIIG was destroyed Ray pulled a confusion counter. He played it on the at that time one BA-10 that hadn’t been activated. Had it failed it’s morale roll the German infantry wouldn’t have taken any damage.

On the right flank I regret I missed a few picture opportunities. The PzIICs and T26s got into a little bit of a gun battle. The PzIICs 20mm wasn’t quite a match. The T26s and Russian ATR team were able to plink away knocking out 2(?) might have been 3 of the PzIICs. The ATR ended up getting Machine Gunned and then losing it’s morale check to flew the field.

At about turn 7 we decided that the game was effectively decided, given the rough German armor losses. The Russian dice were exceptionally hot, and that definitely contributed. From a battle rating perspective the Russians were about 10 away from leaving the field and the Germans the same. At top of turn 7, 3 Russian units were pinned, two of them due to a BF-110C dropping a medium bomb. The Russians would have had a choice to take the counter or not but given there were still 5 T26s running around probably no need.

On the German side, they didn’t pull any counters with a ‘1’ on it. If they had, the T26s with their unreliable rating would have had to have taken a breakdown roll against a tank. The German side didn’t know this but alas it didn’t happen.

While neither side fulfilled their victory conditions, the secondary victory conditions were met by the Germans. The losses were a good 4:1 ratio with the Russians losing ~20 to the German ~5.

All in all I was quite pleased with the results. The Russians definitely played above their inexperienced rating. It was a 350 point a side game as a sort of meeting engagement as was in keeping with the real battle.

Post game analysis from my side, I was surprised that the Germans didn’t trying to concentrate on an area. Smoke was not in use. The Russian off board 81mm didn’t really accomplish anything all game. The German on board 50mm mortar likewise didn’t do much.

The Barbarossa source boot limitations for the Russians on orders (1D3 instead of plusses for officers) really didn’t have any sort of effect. The “command chaos” as it were in the rules just wasn’t there, as the normal 2D6 for orders was more than fine.

The Germans had one senior officer and he used his tactical ability just once the entire game.

Stay tuned for next time when on June 23rd at 10am, we find our heros in ….

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Renegade Armada Tournament

Renegade a Twin Cities gaming Con was the weekend before Thanksgiving. Once again they held a couple of very fun Star Wars Armada tournaments. Saturday was the  standard 400 point 3 round tournament and Sunday was a small format tournament with a number of special rules. No Large ships, 200 points, no squadron limits and score a token if you hit a named squadron, are a named squadron and hit a ship, that kind of thing.

Ian Cross ran it, had a great set of prizes, more than the usual FFG prize kit which is always awesome. Between rounds raffles with encouragement to buy tickets as the proceeds were going to toys for tots.

This was my haul from the 400 point tournament, I ended up with 2nd place. I was hoping for the last round to be matched up with Nathan but at that point I didn’t quite have the tournament points for us to meet on the top table.

First round was almost a mirror match against Tae. Squadron build was different and he had 1 more Gazanti than I. I was player one.

In this one, terrain and flying turned out to be pretty important. The Gozanti being moved here ended up being a bit in the way and that kept his ISD at bay allowing me to focus fire down his Quasar and squadrons.

Here the scrum was fully engaged. It ended up being a 7-4.

Round two was a fun one where we were doing blockade run. Given my opponent was running JJ as his admiral those Raiders and Arq had the full ability to pick where they were going to dash to escape. No surprise we were playing Blockade.

I decided to do a sweep across the field. I figured the points were in the ISD so if I could bring that down I could probably make up for what would be a loss in tokens.

As you could expect his ships went for the far edge to slide through while my squadrons and ISD concentrated on his ISD, pew pew pew!

I did end up blowing away his ISD at the cost of several ships escaping. It ended being a narrow 6-5 victory. A somewhat surprising result, a fleet with lots of ships can definitely afford some losses with this one.

Finally for round 3 I was matched up against a Rebel. Seems like the Twin Cities meta is pretty Imperial heavy at the moment. George was running a fairly standard and very powerful squadron build with an AF, Yavaris, and the usual transports.

I decided to sort of turtle up and gear up for an alpha strike with my squadrons. We were playing Fighter Ambush which inspired me to not fling my squadrons forward as part of setup but instead stick back in activation range since I didn’t have a shuttle.

Wish I would have taken a few more pictures of this match in that it was all down to some hot dice as my squadrons went in for the alpha strike. I dropped 6 squadrons in on Ten nub, Wedge and Keyan with Howlrunning and Flight Controller boosts, rolling 6 dice sure can land damage quick.

My ISD went after his guppy and the poor thing didn’t last long. Likewise Yavaris took a bunch of flank fire and it went down.

I ended up with a 10-1.

On Day 2 for the small format I went with a hammer head rebel force. I wanted to play Imperial again but Ian joined me and was using a bunch of my aggressors which I needed. Since I couldn’t make my list work I dropped back to a collection of rebel rogues. 

In this match I ended up winning by essentially going for it and blowing away his raider.

The next two matches featured an interdictor and a kitted out VSD as the main ship. Both ended very badly for me. I ended fairly down in the standings tho Ian ended up taking 2nd.

Mighty fun time. Really appreciate the Renegade crew for including Armada with all the other games going on. From Warhammer to batman, to bolt action.

One of the batman tables… that kinda .. well … I wonder how that plays?!? 🙂

The other thing that Renegade had which was pure awesome was Star Ways Legion as a demo game you could walk up and play. It’s not released yet. It’s not the full rules. It’s not the full experience but it was at least enough to get a sense of what it’ll be like.

The table setup wasn’t exactly inspiring, it was kinda more table top paintball with some barriers to kinda hide behind and some Star Wars buildings.

It was a good demo of how the basics work. It had a hit/crit concept and a blocking concept in dice. Two actions per unit activation. Mostly you go, I go. No overwatch concept . Terrain cover modifiers or just interacting with terrain seemed to be unexplored in this early version of the rules.

None the less, it’s Star Wars and we’ll see what’s ahead. This is one I’m eagerly watching for.



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Runewars : Welcome the Uthuk tournament

On November 30th I ran a Thursday night special tournament at Fantasy Flight games, our “Uthuk Welcoming” tournament. Since the Uthuk were out the week prior I thought that perhaps some would want to play with their new toys.

Ermm as fate would have it, from those of us that attended (6), 2 of us just happened to have bought our Uthuk that very day and more or less decided to play with our existing armies instead of the Uthuk.

I happened to arrive at FFGC pretty early and assembled my Uthuk before the tournament. There are a few upgrade cards that really give some of the core units some flavor that just happened to be in the expansion boxes that aren’t out yet. So while with my two core boxes and command box I’d be able to field a 200 point list, it just seemed like it would be missing Uthuk charm so … next time!

Dave at FFGC let us all play for a Q4 tournament kit (least I think it’s q4, I always lose track of this stuff) Inspiration tokens, alt art Hawthorne and some current and new objectives and deployment cards. Some really great stuff to be playing for! Thanks again to Dave not only for kit but also for holding aside some space on a pretty busy day.

As I mentioned we had 6 in attendance. Eight has signed up and quite a number of regrets so all in all was pretty happy with our turnout. What was everyone playing? As the TO I had everyone fill out sheets so you can see the lists. Errors in transcription are mine.

Marc (200pts) Daqan

  • Rune Golems (2×1)
  • Heavy Crossbows (3×1)
    • Tempered Steel
    • Rank Discipline
  • Spearmen (3×2)
    • Cit Weapons Master
    • Eagle Banner
  • Heavy Crossbows (3×1)
    • Tempered Steel
    • Rank Discipline
  • Spearmen (3×2)
    • Cit Weapons Master
    • Eagle Banner

Dion (199pts) Waiqar

  • Reanimate Archers (2×1)
    • Combat Ingenuity
  • Carrion Lancers (2×2)
    • Master Crafted Weapons
    • Combat Ingenuity
  • Ankaur Maro
    • Fortuna’s Dice
    • Violent Forces
  • Death Knights (2×3)
    • Reaping Blade
    • Deathmist Banners
    • Column tactics

Brian (199pts) Daqan

  • Oathsworn Cav (2×2)
    • Tempered Steel
    • Raven Tabards
    • Rank Discipline
  • Rune Golem (1×1)
  • Rune Golem (1×1)
  • Rune Golem (1×1)
  • Deepwood Archers (2×2)
    • Tempered Steel
  • Hawthorne
  • Kari Wraithstalker
    • Fortuna’s Dice

Alex (200pts) Latari

  • Aymhelin Scions (1×1)
    • Fertile Soil
  • Aymhelin Scions (1×1)
    • Fertile Soil
  • Maegan
    • Malcorn
    • Arcane
  • Leonx Riders (1×3)
    • Column Tactics
  • Deepwood Archers (2×2)
    • Simult Orders
    • Wind Rune
    • Storm Sorceress
    • Verdant Sorceress
  • Deepwood Archers (2×2)
    • Simult Orders
    • Wind Rune
    • Storm Sorceress
    • Verdant Sorceress

Curt (200 pts) Waiqar

  • Ardus
    • Ancient Tech
  • Reanimates (3×3)
    • Maro
    • Front Line Carrion Lancer
    • Marching Drummer
    • Raven Standard Banner
    • Lingering Dead
  • Carrion Lancer
  • Carrion Lancer
  • Archers (3×2?)
    • Fire Rune
    • Combat Ingen
    • Raven Standard

Tom (197pts) Daqan

  • Hawthorne
    • Shield of Margath
    • Might of Daqan
  • Crossbows (3×1)
    • Tempered Steel
    • Rank Discipline
  • Rune Golems (2×2)
    • Visored Helms
  • Oathsworn Cav (3×2)
    • Dispatch Runner
    • Tempered Steel
    • Raven Tabards
    • Rank Discipline

Getting under way. It was a busy evening at FFGC. With the back room setup and saved for a company event we were out in the main room with all the other games. We had a number of “what game is that” as people would walk up and wonder what was going on. Sure helps to grow the game to be playing it so others can see it in action.

We had Escort for the objective and “Place the Explosives” for the deployment.

Dion and I matched up for the first found. We played escort. Hawthorn needed to get over approx to where the reanimate Archers were. My plan was to hopefully have Hawthorn get in behind the Golems and then run up the side, presuming of course that the death knights would cooperate.

You’ll notice I’m using some of the new Uthuk terrain, burning woods.

As fate would have it the Death Knights would press forward and take a panic since they charged not hitting any targets. On my left flank I decided to inspiration up presuming I’d have to be dealing with blight tokens.

The Deathknights and the Golems would dosey-do and even more fun the death knights would move into contact for my crossbowmen, taking another panic. Hawthorn would charge in into the flank, and get 2 more panic and with the 4 panic tokens get the morale result to turn them around and march backward 2.

I tried to charge with my Cav and Hawthorne was in the way to in some ways that helped save the cav from a charge from the Carrion Lancers.

I had the golems march out of the woods, just in time to take 4 blight tokens.

The Carrion march into my cav and at about that point I gave up on the idea that Hawthorn was going to make it across the table. The Death Knights would turn around and I’d charge Hawthorne into the flank of the Carrion Lancers.

Pretty much the end of the game. The Carrion Lances would be gone. The death knights nearly whipped out the crossbowmen but you can see they’d eliminated about 1/2 the unit. My golems didn’t really get anything accomplished. Poor rolls just didn’t take off enough archers that Maro couldn’t replace. A 7-4 (88 / 44) result

Round 1

  1. Dion vs Tom (44 – 88) 4-7
  2. Curt vs Brian (15 – 164) 2-9
  3. Alex vs Marc (140-161) 5-6

Round 2

Brian and I matched up. We had an Hammer and Anvil deployment with the new “Place the Explosives” Objective. It’s a really fun one where the two pieces of defensive terrain are  placed such that they are touching the players deployment area. A player needed to touch the defensive terrain with 1 of 2 nominated units, if they were able to do so, you gain a victory token which is worth 75 points.

Brian and I placed our terrain furthest from each other. With Hammer and Anvil I was able to place Brian’s goal off to the side of my deployment area, since I was in the 5 box while Brian was in the 3 so he didn’t have any ability to tuck too far back.

We had some interesting choices to make as far as how to split our forces. I put my cav and Hawthorne on my right flank to go after the objective and my other two units to defend.

I decided to go big in the first turn, thinking I could get way way in, if not touching the defensive terrain and thus score the objective token right away. Brian kicked out one of his golems and yeah, bumper cars ensued. With Brian’s cav on my flank things looked immediately dire. I pushed up my Crossbows in hopes that I could either put some bolts into the cav or take out Kari.

Rolling forward Brian made an error and forgot to do a charge, just running into my Cav. Hawthorne and my Cav finished off the one golem but the other Rammed into the flank of Hawthorne. Brian started to send over his Hawthorne which was one of the two nominated units to get to the goal. The other was a Golem that was directly across the way. Kari’s started to land her ranged attacks on the crossbowmen and with her Fortuna’s dice she was doing some pretty impressive damage.

Last picture of the game. With my initial gambit failing miserably the disaster was pretty complete with Brian fetching the victory token. My golems were able to catch his Hawthorne but poor rolls again didn’t land much in the way of damage.

Final Results:

  1. Brian 19 pts
  2. Dion 14 pts
  3. Alex 14 pts
  4. Tom 8 pts
  5. Marc 7 pts
  6. Curt 4 pts

Thanks to everyone for coming out. It was a great time. Will put something together in January.

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Battle on the Mississippi 2018.1

On behalf of the Screaming Eagles, we would like to invite Flames of War Players in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa or further(!) area for the  next edition of Battle on the Mississippi. This Flames of War Tournament will be held January 20th, 2018 at D6 Games in Rochester Minnesota. (  (3160 Wellner Dr. NE Ste. 200 Rochester Minnesota.)

Doors open at 10am and first round starts at 10:30am.

It is a 1625 point early-war tournament featuring 3 rounds using v4. Missions for the round will be randomly determined by the TO (Chuck Hiner). Battleplans will not be in use. Rounds will last 2.5 hours.

Attacker/Defender Determination: will be using the following method to calculate Attacker Defender-

Each Armored Unit will be worth 2pts.
Each Mech Unit will be worth 1pt
Each Infantry/Gun Unit will be worth 0pts.
Fog of War cards are NOT allowed

Tournament Scoring: Generalship, Draw match-ups, victory points than wins

Tiebreakers: In case of a tie all tiebreakers use the following order to determine a winner
1. Generalship
2. Number of wins (6-1, 5-2, 4-3)
3. Sporting
4. Strength of schedule
5. Favorite Opponent votes
6. Rock, scissors, paper (Best 2 out of 3)! Based on Victory Points earned. Winners of ties will be determined by number of wins, ties will be broken by the point value of the units destroyed.

If you have questions, by all means ask. Only able to assemble a partial list or don’t have the lead?  Please talk to us ahead of time we might be able to pull something together for you! We do encourage new players!

There is a $10 entry fee and a limit to a total of ~24 players.

There will be prizes. Please fill in the following form. If you have questions, feel free to email directly or give him a ring at 507-396-3641.

Players will need to send a copy of their army list no later than Jan 13th. We do prefer that players participate with painted lead but it’s not essential. Results will be reported to the national board of ranked players at

Hope to see you there!

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