Gamez and More Armada Store Championship 2017

Sunday August 13th, Gamez & More in Byron had their Star Wars Armada Store Championship. For the Minnesota area I think it was the last of the season.

Thanks to Chad for hosting and letting us have the day to get our plastic spaceships out and do lots and lots of pew pew.

Thanks to Terry for making the longest drive to attend. Thanks of course to everyone for coming out.

With 6 in attendance the Rebel/Imperial breakdown was an interesting one. 4 Imperial and 2 Rebel. Of the Imperials 3 had ISDs, one of those a dual ISD list. The two single ISD lists had boarding centered builds with Avenger.

Round 1

  • Terry vs Ian
  • Will vs Tim
  • Tom vs Mike

Here’s Ian and Terry squaring off playing Blockade Run.

Tim and Will getting set up. Will had an interesting Rebel build and Tim did as well with the dual VSDs and Quasar.

Mike and I played in Round one. He had a dual ISD build with Motti and blast doors. So that basically meant I needed to do damage …lots and lots of damage to take down just that ISD.  Here’s what his flagship took after my boarding troops got on board from Avenger. And he was running two ISDs!

At the end of the round:

Will 452 / Tim 98

Ian 460 / Terry 137

Tom 251 / Mike 118

Round 2

  • Ian vs Will
  • Tom vs Tim
  • Mike vs Terry

The match between Ian and Will started off less than great as we ran into a situation where 2 of Will’s VCXs didn’t get placed and they were well into the turn. We ruled it as a lost opportunity which I’m not 100% sure that’s the right call but none the less that’s what we did.

From the match with Tim and I. The ISD once again proved to be one nasty little bugger and took out a VSD pretty handily. I thought I errored pretty badly on my setup for this one as Tim was able to take out my Quasar. Likewise my ISD was able to make one pass and couldn’t circle around in time to be able to actually do anything.

Round 2 results

Ian 283 / Will 133

Tom 191 / Tim 99

Mike 120 / Terry 99

Round 3

I didn’t get any pictures from the last round which is a real shame. Going into the Round Ian was well into the lead. He and I would face off on the top table. Father / Son Imperial on Imperial match both with ISD Avengers and boarding troopers. Did I mention I did his list for him? Did I mention that he prefers X-Wing over Armada?

Ian’s force was composed of Vader, an ISD Avenger with boarding troopers, a Raider, a Gozanti with Tua slicer tools and ECMs, and a swarm of Rogues including aggressors, firesprays and Dengar.

My list was Sloan, ISD Avenger, the Quasar with boosted coms, expanded hanger bays and flight controllers, a gozanti and then a Imperial all star aces with Mith, Howl, Soontir, Cienna, Meerek, and a couple of defenders.

Ian had the point bid so he took Player 1. We played Intel sweep. Ian set his Raider as the scooper and I choose my Gozanti.

Early on we both easily picked up our first tokens. Ian had hit the gas with his Raider so he had him deployed fairly far forward on the board.

In my case swung my gozanti to work from left to right, Quasar in the middle and ISD on the right flank. I figured that the ISD and squadrons could hold the middle while the gozanti worked from behind to get the 3 tokens on my side of the board.

Fate would have it that Raider of Ian’s was a pretty juicy target so knowing I could concentrate my squadrons I pushed them out to go after it and they ended up brewing it up in one turn. Good thing too, expanded racks, double black AA wouldn’t have been kind had my squadrons gotten tied down. The counter of rogues didn’t do as much damage as it needed to do which setup the squadron battle to title very much in my favor.

The ISD on ISD action which you totally knew was coming went completely Ian’s way. I managed to hurt Vader’s ship very badly but none of my squadrons would have the time to effectively go after him.

At the end I managed to take out all of Ian’s squadrons and Raider, for the loss of my ISD. Add in the 75pts for the mission objective and I managed to eek out a win but no where near enough to catch up with the tournament point total.



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Runewars : AAR Aug 12th Tournament at FFGC

On August 12th we held the latest edition in the Runewars organized play at Fantasy Flight up in Roseville.

Thanks to Dave at Fantasy Flight Game Center for making it possible! We really appreciate having the opportunity to game there, have great support and an awesome facility.

Given the release of the FAQ and the Tournament Rules, we put both into use. We had but 4 show with lots and lots of regrets due to summer activities so when things roll around this fall I’m expecting the tournament size will expand as we did have a good dozen for the very first opening day evening a few months back. Oddly there were a few times where the number watching was larger than the number playing and from those watching several had armies.

The aspect of “yes, you can play with your force even if it’s not painted”, needs to be pointed out. As you’ll see in the pictures most are still working on their army.

With tournament rules, we made use of Cryodex as the tournament software. I had modified it the day before with the new MoV and tournament point numbers.

We followed the method of having the TO draw the deployment and mission and then the players using points to determine player one and then choosing their terrain from the 4 cards each had brought. We had a new mission and new deployment for each of the two rounds we played.

Round 1

We used Bounty as the mission and Unprepaired for the deployment.

I faced off against Joe who was playing a very interesting Waiqar list with both Maro and Ardus as stand alone heros, flanked by archers with some undead in the middle.

Given the terrain the deployment my force was strongly channelled. Hawthorne is awesome, but having to select how your Cav is going to be organized before you deploy and then get presented with terrain like this makes him kinda hard to use.

I managed to kill Ardus and my Cav on the left flank also took out a unit of his archers. Meanwhile on the right flank my other unit of Cav took the effects of Death Caller and arrows and well .. yeah yuck.

Joe pulled out the victory with a 4 point MoV with a 82-78 score.

On the other side for round 1, Nate and Alex were facing off, both playing Daqan. Nate won 147 to 130.

Round 2

We used Break Their Defenses and Careful Approach for the deployment.

Alex and Joe played for “Championship” and Nate and I squared off.

Joe managed to win 200-64. Sounded like he made more use of Maro starting on turn 1 and thus had a pretty good sized force for Alex to contend with.

In our game, terrain once again loomed large channeling where and how our forces were going to connect. I put on set of my Cav to dash to my right flank with the idea of keeping one of Nate’s sides busy. In the end it’s goal wasn’t to engage but to get over into the zone to pick up a victory token.

My main force aspired to cork the bottle as Nate’s forces emerged out of his deployment zone. That sorta worked and sorta didn’t. My spearmen attack column managed to catch Nate’s leading Cav unit in the flank and take them out. My cav on the other hand missed their turn and basically didn’t get into the contest until way late, having to take a turn to reform and then come onto the flank of Nate’s infantry. By then his infantry and done some serious damage to mine, nearly taking my guys out.

We had Hawthorne on Hawthorne who were each exactly kitted out the same. Nate did much better than I in his attack strategy so that nearly cost me my hero.

In the end a victory for me 145 – 118.


  1. Joe – 15pts – 140 MoV
  2. Tom – 11 pts – 27 MoV
  3. Nate – 10 pts – 0 MoV
  4. Alex – 8 pts – 17 MoV


Joe – Waiqar – 200 pts

Ardus – 45

  • Ancient Technique
  • Shield of Margoth

Reanimates (6 trays) – 56

  • Death Caller
  • Support Carrion Lancer
  • Sim Orders
  • Aggressive Drummer
  • Bull Pennons

Reanimate Archers – (2 trays) – 22

  • Rank Discipline

Reanimate Archers – (2 trays) – 22

  • Rank Discipline

Ankaur Maro – 55 points

  • Regen Magic
  • Heartseeker

Tom– Daqan – 198 pts

Hawthorn  – 44 pts

  • Shield of Margoth
  • Might of Daqan

Spearmen – (9 trays) – 79 pts

  • Frontline Golem
  • Citadel Weapons Master
  • Shield Wall

Cav – (4 trays) – 38 pts

  • Rank Discipline

Cav – (4 trays) – 38 pts

  • Rank Discipline

Nate – Daqan – 192 pts

Hawthorn  – 44 pts

  • Shield of Margoth
  • Might of Daqan

Rune Golem – (1 tray) – 17 pts

Spearmen – (9 trays) – 76 pts

  • Frontline Golem
  • Aggressive Cornicen
  • Shield Wall

Cav – (6 trays) – 55 pts

  • Moment of Inspiration
  • Master Crafted Weapons

Alex – Daqan – 199 pts

Rune Golem – (2 trays) – 34 pts

  • Wind Rune

Rune Golem – (2 trays) – 34 pts

  • Wind Rune

Spearmen – (4 trays) – 30 points

Cav – ( 9 trays) – 101 points

  • Hawthorne
  • Windrune
  • Moment of Inspiration


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Test of Honour (Episode 1)

This spring I had happened across the Warlord games pre announce of Test of Honour and sprung for their pre-release deal. Yes English spelling, Test of Honor, Honour, whatever.

Test of Honour

The lure of a skirmish game set of feudal Japan, what wasn’t to be attracted by the possibilities it might bring. If you think about it, Japan had a period of about 500 some years where warlords ruled the day, clans going back and in forth in many a conflict.

Well there’s the risk of what’s the game going to play like? Figures? Terrain? Quite a lot could go wrong but none the less I plunked my money down in hopes it might be pretty frikkin awesome.

I received my kit shortly after AdeptiCon and unfortunately besides breaking the box open I just didn’t have much time as the figures needed to be assembled, painted and then there was the terrain problem.

Finally this past Saturday Chuck and I gathered at D6 to give it a go.

Thankfully the way the starter info is setup, it expects you to just put together 2 Samurai to run the opposing forces, 6 spearmen and 4 archers. Split that and you have the initial set force for the opening scene.

Next on the subject of terrain I picked up a number of a Sarissa buildings that Warlord sells side by side with the game. They are all MDF, assemble pretty nicely and most importantly give your table that great look of Japan.

So queue up some Kurosawa and we are ready.

Two rival Samurai meet, exchange a few unpleasantries and swords are drawn. Chits are placed in a bag to determinate activation. Activation goes back and forth. Commoners only get 1 activation, Samurai get a number of activations based on their skill. In this case 3. Also with the chits are lightning bolts.  Draw one and you pass. On the 3rd, round is over and that determines who gets first draw for the next turn.

An activation can be fire an arrow, attack in melee, move 3″ and fire an arrow, charge and attack, search for something and so on.

Some commoners are mounted 3 to a base. So one action for all 3.

The game has many tests, to swing your sword or fire an arrow, you must do a test of agility. Three dice for commoners, 5 for the Samurai. If on the dice you roll 3 or more swords, it’s a success. If you roll more Xs than swords, it’s a fumble.

The other side if they haven’t used their action can try and avoid. Tho if they did a cautious action they get a free avoid action.

If they don’t avoid, then you do a test to determine if it’s a kill or just a damage (blood drop).

Only if you are a Samurai on a kill result, you do a test of honor, pass and you get a wound card instead.

Great core of simple rules and  really makes for a great time.

I approached slowly at first trying to use my bowmen to inflict something as my Samurai and spearmen got closer.

Well, given the Samurai are supposed to be the heros, I finally just dashed in with my Samurai and swords were a clashing. You can just seen next to the temple bell the 2 Samurai and Chucks spearmen.

First to fall was one of Chuck’s spearmen. Then my Samurai decided to pick on one of Chuck’s bowmen, cutting him down. Meanwhile Chuck’s Samurai swinging at me.

When the bowmen fell, everyone in 6″ had to take a test of honor to see if they stay. They all did.

Alas Chuck’s cold dice didn’t last, inflicting an arm wound on my Samurai and then taking him out of this fight which was one of the ending triggers.

After the battle, there are skill cards to draw, wounds to mend and yeah we were instantly hooked.

We didn’t make use of the dishonor cards, YES, they have those. You can give yourself an extra die to roll by taking the path of dishonor, but yeah, it might cost ya.

More when we play our next installment.

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Runewars : Lord Hawthorne & Ankaur Maro

On June 15th the latest set of expansions were released for Runewars. The rank and file Spearmen, and Reanimates boxes as well as the exciting new heros Lord Hawthorne and the dreaded Ankaur Maro joined the scene.

This of course results in a bunch of new upgrade cards and all the joys of combining to reassemble the army I’ve been playing.

We held a release event at FFGC in Roseville. Dave was awesome enough to throw in some prizes. I wasn’t expecting it as just having new stuff to play was more than enough for me. All in all we had 7 show up which isn’t a bad showing for a Thursday night with a few that stopped by to say hi but were busy with other games.

For prizes it was the new set of alt art cards. Since the product launch that makes for 6 alt art cards now being out. Sure makes me wonder what will be in the first initial store prize kits when those get released soonish. (Runewars will be part of worlds this fall, so there will be some cycle of Store Championships, Regionals, Worlds)

For my first game Alex and I squared off. Both of us running Daqan with Lord Hawthrone. It wasn’t quite a mirror match tho as in my case I ended up putting the good Lord into my spearmen. We figured out before we got going that in doing so I couldn’t take advantage of expanding out the frontage on my Cav units to 4×1, so I adjusted and did them as 2×2 vs of course Alex’s 4×1 Cav alignment. This would be a good test as far as just how useful is that increased threat.

Otherwise my force was 2 Golems, and a block of 9 spearmen with a Golem included, shield wall and some other minor goodies added.

The tale of the game goes something like this. I kicked my Golems out to protect my right flank. On the far left I put my 2×2 of Cav, then the Spearmen followed by the other block of Cav. It ended up going in such a way that one block of 2×2 took on his Hawthorne, which was all sorts of nasty with the Shield of Margath. At 6 points, dealing damage equal to his shield AFTER you attack him is pretty crazy. While my block of Cav tied up his Hawthorne for a good portion of the game they sure weren’t going to win that battle and ended up perishing.

My Golems on the other hand protecting my right flank faced his 4×1 block of Cav. Through some incredible luck … I was able to move them in such a way that his Cav missed the Golems with their charge and my Golems got onto his flank and that was it for that unit.

On the other side of the field of battle, my Cav finally met his spearmen and the remainder of my spearmen was able to get in to help with finishing them off.

At the end a bloody affair but a victory for me having picked up both of the victory tokens in the scenario. I forget the name of the scenario it was the one where you put two tokens on your units and two on who you are facing.

We did have the good fortune of using the graveyard from the set of new terrain.

Lessons learned from the first game. Lord Hawthorn integrated with a unit is just really adding a white die to that unit’s roll. Pretty meh at 18 points. Alone with Shield of Margath the guy can solo Cav pretty easy.

For game two, Ian wanted to play so he put together a Waiqar list featuring a couple of 2×1 archer units, Ankaur Maro, couple of carrion crawlers and then a big block of reanimates.

I played pretty much the same list tho with one small adjustment on my upgrades.

I selected one of the new deployment schemes where your opponent is in a ‘box’ and my army was deployed within 3 across the line.

This gave me a bit of a start to try and go for an encirclement of some sort.

Ian placed the terrain in such a way to keep my Cav from having any good direct ways to get after his forces.

Ian was able to drop a lot of blight tokens on my forces. He primarily went after the spearmen, having 3 tokens on them at one point. Without the independent version of Hawthorne I didn’t have a great way to get rid of them. As a result I had a round of combat with no dice until the tokens were gone.

That hurt. A lot.

My cav charged across the table as fast as they could and ended up getting into Ankaur. Due to the lack of damage he wasn’t really needing to use his abilities to pull in empty tiles to fill full of new recruits.

While my cav was able to contact, they just couldn’t get the job done with the x2 threat. Having a full 4x threat is really needed.

On my left flank the Golems took a few turns but ended up churning through the carrion crawlers tho given the slow speed on the approach, it added to the time to get things done.

Unfortunately my middle just fell completely apart. Without being able to deal damage due to the loss of all my die due to blight tokens, then taking damage back, then losing a complete tile due to a morale effect, it was all bad news.

Throw in that my other Cav unit couldn’t get around my spearmen to change into the archers, it ended up being a useless force until it finally got in and took out one unit of archers at the very end of the game.

All in all a loss and very good lesson of why Hawthrone’s ability to hand out inspiration tokens is absolutely critical against Waiqar. Given that the ability goes off on a ‘2’, it basically means you can spend them as units activate that turn and thus be way more effective as they hit the enemy.

Thanks again to FFGC for the prize support as well as just being a completely awesome store to play at.

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Battle on the Mississippi 2017.03

On behalf of the Screaming Eagles, we would like to invite Flames of War Players in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa or further(!) area for the  next edition of Battle on the Mississippi. This Flames of War Tournament will be held July 29th, 2017 at D6 Games in Rochester Minnesota. (  (3160 Wellner Dr. NE Ste. 200 Rochester Minnesota.)

Doors open at 10am and first round starts at 11am.

It is a 1710 point mid-war tournament featuring 3 rounds. Players may use mid-war v3 lists. Why v3? With Mid-war, it opens up a number of armies that numerous players in the area have fond feelings for. v3 events are still counted towards national rankings. No mid-war monsters tho!

If you have questions, by all means ask. Only able to assemble a partial list or don’t have the lead?  Please talk to us ahead of time tho so we can plan for you to be there! We do encourage new players!

There is a $10 entry fee and a limit to a total of 16 players. (We seem to be able to raise the limit 20-24, we’ll see how registration goes)

There will be prizes. Please fill in the following form. If you have questions, feel free to email directly or give him a ring at 507-396-3641.

Players will need to send a copy of their army list no later than July 22nd. We do prefer that players participate with painted lead but it’s not essential. Results will be reported to the national board of ranked players at

Hope to see you there!

Next up after this .

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