Battle of the Bulge – 2017.1 Battle on the Mississippi

On behalf of the Screaming Eagles, we would like to invite Flames of War Players in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa or further(!) area for the  next edition of Battle on the Mississippi. This Flames of War Tournament will be held February 18th, 2017 at Deaf Ear Record Exchange in LaCrosse WI. (112 4th St S)

Door should be open (back door) at 9am and first round starts at 10am.

It is a 1700 point late-war tournament featuring 3 rounds. Players may use late-war lists from the two Battle of the Bulge books. This will be a special tournament with a west front winter theme. Special tables being worked on of course! No late-war monsters!

If you have questions, by all means ask. Only able to assemble a partial list or don’t have the lead?  Please talk to us ahead of time tho so we can plan for you to be there! We do encourage new players!

There is a $20 entry fee and a limit to a total of 22 players. There will be a special Battle of the Bulge gift for those attending, thus the higher fee this time around.

There will be prizes. Please fill in the following form. If you have questions, feel free to email directly or give him a ring at 507-396-3641.

Players will need to send a copy of their army list no later than February 11th. We do prefer that players participate with painted lead but it’s not essential. Results will be reported to the national board of ranked players at

Hope to see you there!

Next up after this is AdeptiCon where we are teaming up with Battlefront to host the Team Doubles Nationals, as well as helping out with the Team Yankee tournament.

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