Runewars : 175pts….

Slowly I’ve been getting back to painting my Runewars figures. I’d kinda like to have my forces all painted and ready for the event at FFGC on May 27th. That’s not far away for the number of figures I need to churn out!

Thankfully Chris has a copy of Runewars too now so we’re able to get in an occasional game at Gamez and More in Byron.

Golem in progress…

We both built to approx 175 points. Until the first wave of expansions come out next week, it’s kind of hard to field much more, even with 2 core boxes.

I picked the Escort mission since A) I’d never tried it and B) why not? Chris picked the corners which made me wonder if I could make a run for it and make it happen and get my 100 victory points.

Two spikes for obstacles and the raised terrace…  The spikes ended up approx between both sides but Chris put the terrace way out of the way.

On the setup I put my scooper unit, the spearmen on a course to go towards his reanimates with the golems on their flanks. 9 Trays of spearmen with an integral golem should be pretty nasty.  Everything else to cover the flanks and draw some stuff away from slowing down my thrust.

Chris put the point the scooper unit needed to get to in the farthest far corner in his setup zone. Those setup choices sure can counter or complicate a mission.

We marched forth, and Chris put his two units of archers approx center to get ready to rain down arrows. My cav started to make a dash for it to hopefully contact a carrion crawler for a charge and go for a quick kill.

The spearman getting close to charge. His hero, Ardus in the center looking all huge, nasty and threatening to go after the spearmen flank. Definitely didn’t want that. Likes my cav lined up to get ready to charge. Unfortunately they had been hit with a blight token from the archers so that would dull any results by one die. Not what they needed.

The golems ended up being poorly placed and were behind the action. I put a huge hit into the reanimates and they were gone in 2 turns. Ardus would default Kari, but she held him back for a few turns and kept him from doing anything else.  My cav hit a lone carrion crawler and umm … very little effect. A couple of wounds but not enough to bring it down. The counter attack would be nasty….

Final couple of turns. The spearman having finished out their prey they went after the archers in their way and took them out, but took two turns thus delaying them getting to the point they needed two and thus the 100 points of victory.

The cav would be utterly defeated, taking a charge to the rear by a second carrion crawler. I think that’s a thing. One carrion crawler to stop the attack and hold them an the second to swing around back and hit the flank or rear. It works.

Kari fell and the golems basically did nothing all game save for lots of walking and almost charging into Ardus at the very last turn.

Mighty fun!

Next week the first set of expansions come out. Can’t wait tho for what is arriving it’ll be interesting to see what we get. I think more heros for the Daqan which frankly I’m not sure that is what I want since you can only field 2 heros in a 200 point game. There will be more upgrade options tho. I want more spearman, tho it seems those might not be out for a little longer. We’ll have to see what the budget can support.

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